Watr is the blockchain protocol and decentralized app ecosystem for a new class of ethical commodities, their financing and trade

We call it the Digital Commons for Ethical Commodities

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Watr is a Layer 1 blockchain ecosystem for decentralized apps and digital ventures servicing transparency, liquidity, and sustainability in resources and commodities, such as metals, energy, food and environmental products.

Total Commodities Market (incl. Financial)

Initial use cases

Asset Minting & Tokenization


of physical, real-world assets as a bridge to DeFi tech and liquidity

Single Log On Digital ID


visibility through supply chains on ESG footprint for informed decision making


Voluntary Carbon

tokenization and a marketplace to enable transparent financing of climate action

Decentralized Exchangeability

Decentralized Exchangeability

with automated market making, definition of sustainability metrics and democratised contract creation

Peer-to-Peer Transactions

DeFi Lending & Borrowing

Access to on-chain liquidity to address the $1.7 trillion trade finance gap

Deal Execution

OTC Trading

for responsible verified assets

Protocol Capabilities

Sovereign, verifiable IDs

Sovereign, Verifiable IDs

Selective Privacy

Selective Privacy

Decentralized & Permissionless

Decentralized & Permissionless

Cryptographic Security

Cryptographic Security

Immediate Transaction Finality

Immediate Transaction Finality

Multi-chain interoperability

Multi-chain Interoperability

Are you ready to join Watr?

The Watr Foundation is currently supporting select partners on a case-by-case basis

Digital Venture

Already have a dApp & want to bring it to Watr?
Have a non-blockchain solution which serves commodities?
Have a tech team and want to build in partnership with Industry?

Market Participant

If you are part of the resource industry and would like to learn more about leveraging Watr, please contact us.


Enabling Partners